Day 34: In 40 Years…………..

“In 40 years I have never seen anything like this.”  That is what Ian said at the front desk of Jellystone Campground.  Ian is the owner of the Campground.  It has rained nearly everyday!  Last week we had some reprieve and some sun.  However, it is 3 AM and pouring down rain.  The rain won’t stop!  You can really hear the rain on the trailer.  We are basically living in a tin box and the rain is very loud on the roof.  It reminds me when I was a kid we had a tin roof on our back porch.  When a Kansas thunderstorm would roll in I would go on the back porch and listen to the rain.  If you have never experienced a Kansas thunderstorm, you need to!  The lightning and thunder claps are amazing and you can watch the black clouds roll in across the prairie.  Of course you do get the occasional tornado.

I just heard on the TV that they are closing down schools in the Denver area because of the rain.  Also, 3 people have died and one more is missing.  Over 4,000 people in Boulder County have been warned to seek higher ground.  The town of Lyons is now an island there is no way in and no way out due to the surrounding water.  The flooding is also exacerbated by the wildfire scars in the area and President Obama just signed an emergency declaration freeing up federal aid.

Where we live in the camper there is not much flooding but a lot of rain.  Our camper is up on a hill and sometimes I worry the camper may just slide down since the ground is so slippery and wet.  The camper isn’t very sturdy it just sits on these plastic squares, 2 on each side in the front and 2 in the back.  We would definitely never survive a tornado.  Luckily, I am not in Kansas anymore.

We are building a house and it is currently a hole in the ground.  We bought it June 1st and it has been a hole ever since.  They are saying they can’t do anything until the hole dries up.  I think that is going to be awhile.  I am going to be in this camper much longer than I originally thought, but believing God has a plan.


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